Below is a collection of testimonials from both Lisa's seminar teachings and clinic reviews.  These videos include a professional soccer player, a Therapist from one of Vegas top 5-star hotels, and a professional performer. 

Lisa's ability to focus on the athlete as well as those with everyday aches and pains separates her from other Medical/Sports Massage therapists.

 Eddie Henderson - Sports Massage    Maria Franco - CEU Seminar    Jeff Kapawana - CEU Seminar
 Shane Scott - Medical Massage        

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Clinic Testimonials

"Although it has been over 10 years (!), I never got the chance to personally thank you and Byron for allowing me to finish up my program, so please accept this very BELATED thank you!" ~ Ken Garcia

“After being offered a variety of prescriptions for pain management from other doctors, I went to Lisa instead. Lisa worked her magic with no drugs. Her knowledge of the human body is unbelievable. She eliminated my pain and gave me my quality of life back!  ~ Jeanette S., Business Owner”